Welcome to
World of Women

A collection of unique, cool and diverse Women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space!

10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

World of Women is sold out!

Find your favorites on OpenSea.

Perks of ownership


By owning a WoW NFT you own the underlying artwork and all of its Intellectual Property.
Read the complete License here.


As much as we love nfts, we are also fans of seeing art on walls being enjoyed by friends and family. We will airdrop up to 100 signed framed prints to token owners. Just own a WoW NFT to be eligible.
Every 1000 primary sales, we will pick 10 random owners and ship them a print of their WoW NFT!


Each WoW NFT is a 800x800 PNG file available to all the right click save guys out there.
But only by owning a WoW NFT, will you be able to unlock its super high resolution 4000x4000 version. You’ll then be free to print the art yourself, and use it for your derivative projects!

The Fund

World of Women is about growing the nft art space that’s already here and that we love. We see thousands of artists committed to the space and we will do our part to lift the market up.
15% of all primary sales will be reinvested in cryptoart!


  • Building a collection through the acquisition of 1/1 Crypto art pieces
  • Promoting and Showcasing the artists from its collection
  • Operating purchases requested by the Curator’s Club
  • Taking in consideration the recommendations of all WoW NFTs owners

Causes we support

World of Women is about empowering Women through art and promoting diversity. It’s only fitting that we would support Women in the real world as well. 2,5% of all primary sales will be donated to each of these 3 causes:

She's the first
She’s the first

She’s the First funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls across the world.

Too Young To Wed
Too Young To Wed

Too Young to Wed fights against the barbaric practise that is child marriage.

Strange Cintia
Strange Cintia

Strange Cintia is a member of our community and needs our help to fight her disease: severe ME/CFS.


World of Women supports all arts!

The amazing David Magyel composed and interpreted an Original Piano Album for the project that is now available on Spotify.

David is a dedicated educator and creator so we invite you to check out his work on Youtube and listen to a few of his previous compositions on Spotify.



While each WoW NFT is definitely cool:

  • Some WoW NFTs are rare.
  • Some are very rare.
  • And some are exceptional!
Check rarity on rarity.tools

But rarity does not tell all the story, each WoW NFT is unique in her own way and simplicity might also prove to be scarce.
14Skin Tones
23Facial Features
13Face Accessories
17Pairs of Earrings
7Lip Colors
28Eye Combinations

rarity group women

Sales Milestones


Every 1000 primary sales, we will pick 10 random WoW NFT owner and ship them their print!


2,5% of all primary sales will be donated to She’s the first.


The World of Women Fund will open, time to collect cryptoart! 10% of all primary sales to be allocated to the Fund.


2,5% of all primary sales will be donated to Too Young to Wed.


David Magyel will start composing the Original Piano Soundtrack for the collection. World of Women will get its dedicated album!


2,5% of all primary sales will be donated to Strange Cintia.


We will purchase land in the Sandbox for the Fund and build a home for it. Art needs to be seen in the Metaverse!


We will allocate an extra 5% of all primary sales to the Fund’s wallet so that it can invest in more nft artists.


We will go shopping on OpenSea for the Fund’s collection, purchasing at least 10Ξ worth of WoW NFT we love.


The attributes defining each Club will be revealed and their perks activated!


Key Information

Release Date — 27th of July 9pm CEST, 3pm EST, 12pm PST

Total number of tokens — 10,000

Tokens withheld from sale — 200 (giveaways, marketing and team)

Price per token — 0.07 ETH

Given back

  • 15% - WoW Fund for Cryptoart
  • 2.5% - She's the first
  • 2.5% - Too Young to Wed
  • 2.5% - Strange Cintia

Token type — ERC-721

Blockchain — Ethereum

File hosting — IPFS

Royalty fees — 4% (2% for creators & 2% for the Royalties Club)

Number of traits — 11

Number of attributes — 189

Minimum number of traits — 7

Licensing — By owning a WoW NFT you own the underlying artwork and all of its Intellectual Property

Reveal Type — Instant

Smart Contract — https://etherscan.io/address/0xe785e82358879f061bc3dcac6f0444462d4b5330#code


We will announce the WoW NFTs tokens IDs that won a print on Discord and their list will also be available on worldofwomen.art.

You will be able to redeem your print through a dedicated Discord channel.


Just go to https://worldofwomen.art/my-wow.html, connect your wallet, then redeem your file.


It will operate freely but will be open to suggestions and recommendations of its community. A specific 'recommend art' channel will be opened on discord as well as 'voting polls' where the Fund will frequently ask the community's opinion on specific nfts. The Curators Club members on the other hand will have control over the Fund's activity once a month.

It will focus on acquiring 1/1 pieces from artists involved in the space. To try and support as many as possible, it will look for nfts under 0.3Ξ but will not limit itself to that price range. The Fund will also invest in some collectible projects with strong artwork and great potential.

The collection is public and visible on tryshowtime or OpenSea.We also plan to have a metaverse gallery in Sandbox.