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One of a Kind

Brought together by the inspiring artwork of the WoW collection, our community is on a mission to create an inclusive and welcoming future for everyone. You’ll find people from around the world in the WoW community – from avid NFT collectors to first time collectors, web3 builders and artists, to people who are new to the decentralized web and want to be part of a mission-driven community.

When you jump into our Discord, you’ll find many people ready to welcome you and help you in any way.

Supportive Benevolent Uplifting Creative Building the future

Collective Action

Why is Community So Important ?

Community is the foundation of World of Women.

WoW started with four friends coming together to bring a vision to life: create a collection and community that celebrates and increases representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. Now thousands of people have united around this shared sense of purpose.

We believe in the power of collective intelligence – great things can be accomplished by many people working towards the same cause. We can harness our collective energy and creativity to build a diverse and inclusive web that lifts everyone up.

by Zoya Chhetri
by Dhilkrishna dk
by Geisa Pires
by Eysar drisley Vargas moreno
by Chelsy Escalona
by Sonya Moradi
by Marcello Castellani
by Tejasvita Negi
by Archana Murali
by elliscorse
by Mirna Mortada
by Namitha Raveendranathan
by Mustak Naik
by Pratik Kadu
by Samantha Jeen
by Елена Али

Web3 + Community Ownership

Web3 and NFTs enable a new kind of community and ownership. Now project supporters can become owners, access the unique benefits of ownership and help direct the future. By creating a direct relationship between the creators and the community, web3 communities are born and grown faster.

Community-driven with a vision
Powerful, trustworthy, safe place
Community-driven with a vision
Powerful, trustworthy, safe place

The DAWoW is shaping the future of World of Women.

The DAWoW stands for the World of Women decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAWoW is our first step into shared, community governance. Through the DAWoW, WoW token holders can participate in decisions that will help shape the future of World of Women.

While some strategic decisions will remain the responsibility of the WoW team, we want to involve WoW holders in priority areas and give them the opportunity to participate in decisions.

Who’s part of our community?

Incredible people support and contribute to the WoW movement. You can too!

How do I join ?

If you’re spreading the word about what we stand for, then you’re already a part of WoW.

We’re constantly researching and launching new projects and collaborations that are aligned with our vision. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and join our Discord to stay up to date and connect with the WoW community.

Acquire a WoW for premium stakeholder access and benefits

WoW owners are contributors and investors in our mission, which comes with unique benefits. WoW ownership is a membership pass to joining the DAWoW, accessing our community events, owning the underlying artwork and IP, receiving monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists and much more.

Investing in Artists

We are passionate about supporting other artists, and investing in them and their art. Through the WoW Fund, we curate and acquire art from emerging artists.

We invest in artists by acquiring their art through the WoW Fund

wow fund


We love discovering talented artists around the world, collaborating with them, and putting the spotlight on their art. Every month, we gather teams of 7 amazing artists whose work we admire, and they create one NFT each that is then airdropped to WoW NFT holders.

WoW Artdrops