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World of Women

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About us

Who are we?

From 4 friends sharing the same vision and coming together to launch WoW, to now a team of 9 united in our mission to create a beautiful, diverse, empowering collection and thriving community.

We love welcoming people into the NFT space and creating a supportive environment for everyone – from new community members and collectors to emerging artists and NFT enthusiasts. We believe that together, the WoW community can have a positive impact on the NFT space and the world. We are excited to be on this journey with you all!

The Team

Yam Karkai Co-Founder and Creative Director

Yam is an NFT artist whose art focuses on bringing women into the spotlight.
Her art combines vivid, harmonious colors with playful, delicate lines and a touch of fantasy. Her mission has always been to highlight and empower women by making them the center of her pieces.

The WoW collection is the work of Yam. The universe built by her has a colourful and characteristic style that is recognizable, approachable and diverse. Her art pieces are inspired by her life experiences, her multicultural background and her community.

Yam and the WoW team are passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the NFT community and supporting emerging artists. We believe that NFT collections should be created by people from all over the world, and should feature art that feels approachable, inclusive and authentic to people of all backgrounds.

We are all passionate and committed to the NFT space and strongly believe this is our future and that our project can make a positive difference. We hope you’ll follow along on this journey with us!

Adélina Director of Communication

BBA Co-Founder and Head of Product

Cynthia Hass WoW Foundation Director

Dani Ton Artist Liaison

Diana-Luk Ye Marketing & Partnerships Project Manager

Inna Modja Head of Philantropy

Grace Insogna Social Manager

Jordan Zucchiatti Designer and Front-end Developer

Julia Loiseau Legal Counsel

Kashvi Parekh Community Manager

Morgan Giraud Lead Developer

Raphaël Malavieille Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships

Shannon Snow Chief Operating Officer

Syronna Buchanan Project Manager

Thomas Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

Want to collab with us?

WoW collaborates with and supports emerging artists from around the globe. If you’re an artist, nonprofit or brand looking to collaborate, reach out to us at contact@worldofwomen.nft.

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We build the future together

She’s the First funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls across the world.


Code Green work for an ethic and sustainable web3.0.

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Uniting the physical and digital worlds through the largest NFT exhibitions and events on earth.

Sending an extra warm welcome to @worldofwomennft, a collection of unique, powerful and diverse women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space!

Ledger's the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange and grow your crypto assets.

As Universal Music Group’s next-gen Web3 label, 10:22PM has been discovering, developing and empowering artists, digital creators and brands since 2018.


Rockflower connects catalytic funding to local initiatives in emerging economies seeking to improve and elevate the lives of women and girls.


The largest charity fundraising event in NFT history! 💜 100% of proceeds go to Blankets of Hope.

The Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis treats and supports women in difficulty or victims of violence.

First #Coding School for Girls & Women in #Afghanistan Rebuilding Afghanistan 2.0 where gender, digital and economic divides no longer exist.

BFC Foundation focuses on Education, Grant-Giving and Business Mentoring.


Too Young to Wed fights against the barbaric practise that is child marriage.


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